About Us

Nutrohaler was founded by Jack Jay in 2019. Jack had developed a nicotine addiction from Juul in college, and knew that the longer he continued it, the deeper the addiction would form. He made the first product “QuitPod” which had strictly Vegetable Glycerin and natural flavoring. Using this whenever he got an urge to smoke, it helped reduce the stimulus. The same way PHDs in Behavioral Therapy would help cigarette smokers by having them smoke herbal cigarettes.

A realization occurred that the inhalation process could not just revolutionize the nicotine industry but meant so much more for other amazing and useful supplements. Before taking this stride, plenty of research went into making sure each product is safe to not only inhale but that it wouldn’t change state when heated up.

This was a large problem with Vitamin E being used in vape cartridges when people got sick from them. Also, its important to make products that are not total marketing gimmicks and are actually effective.

For example to feel the positive effects of Chammomile requires much more than that which can be put into a disposable device. For this reason we honed in on Caffeine, CBD, and Melatonin to be prime targets. Melatonin specifically requires only 5mg to be effective and for this reason is very effective in this form.

Letting users dose the natural sleep hormone within minutes rather than waiting an hour for edible forms to take effect. Caffeine requires more, and when we made our first samples we were unsure of whether the effects would be noticeable.

We made some flavored product with no caffeine to test for placebo effect as well. The people with the caffeine bar all agreed they felt a boost while only 1 of the innate placebo one said they felt a boost in energy.

However everyone agreed it was short lived, lasting under an hour and a half. The body processes differently when inhaled versions versus edible forms are used. So at 8pm if you need to go to sleep by 10pm, and a coffee will keep you up all night, Buzzbar is a perfect boost. The CBD is a no brainer.

Jack has ran and continues to run a 7 figure CBD manufacturing business called Cannafacturer.