Ambassador Program:

We cannot visit all the smokeshops in the United States, so we want our customers to profit from connecting us to them. This will require a CAR or someone who can drive you to the locations to show product in-person.

Alternatively we have a program where you can make unlimited tiktoks with our products and get paid for the views your videos get. Click HERE to read more about that.

Each Smokeshop on average will buy 1 box/flavor per month for a total of 21 boxes/month.

Flavors: 7 Flavors (Strawberry, Melon Ice, Blue Razz, Banana Ice, Variety, Peppermint etc)

Type: 3 Types (Caffeine, Melatonin and  CBD)

Per box sale you will make $10 cash to keep. Meaning per smokeshop signed up you will get on average $210 profit/monthly passive income.

Smokeshops that are high traffic will largely out perform the 1box/month metric but it is an average.

When you sign up 50 smokeshops you would be earning $10500 per month passive income. Once you have signed up the smokeshop we will handle replenishing them and your name will be attached to them as a client so your commission is tracked.

Gas stations, and mini-marts are also great sellers.

Payouts are done by Check, Zelle, Apple Pay, Or Bank Transfer.

To become our Ambassador, just fill and submit below form.