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Can’t Sleep?

ZZBar is your new best friend. Melatonin is the natural substance that our bodies use to notify ourselves its time to hit the hay. With oral forms booming recently, we wanted to improve upon the slow digestive process of the body. Using ZZBar, melatonin will be in your system within 10 minutes, making sleep more achievable, and dosing easier.

Available in 4 amazing flavors:

Strawberry, Melon Ice, Blue Razz, Banana Ice


Why Melatonin?

Melatonin: Melatonin has shown to be effective in managing the symptoms of insomnia and encouraging healthy, natural sleep at night.

Rapid Sleepiness

Inhaling melatonin allows for a near-instant feeling of sleepiness, compared to traditional supplements that take 30-60 minutes to be digested and absorbed. Finally, a well-deserved restful night.


Why inhale melatonin?

One of the biggest problems with taking physical melatonin supplements is the varying and slow absorption (takes 30-60 minutes to take effect, and sometimes doesn’t work depending how much food is in your stomach). Inhaling melatonin allows for a near-instant sleepiness effect. Combine this with the soothing effects of lavender and chamomile and you’ll be sleeping on a cloud!


How does it work?

Our Melatonin Diffuser is a modern aromatherapy device in which breathing in on the mouth-tip turns the aromatherapy liquid into a light mist consisting of melatonin. You take this mist into your mouth and then exhale through your nose.


Is it drug-free?

YES! ZzBar is 100% free of any drugs or controlled substances. The main ingredient is melatonin, a supplement shown to be non-toxic and non-habit forming.


Age Restrictions

BuzzBar, ChillBar and ZzBar are legal to anyone and free of any regulated substances, but we still don’t recommend anyone under the age of 18 to use our diffuser as we do not wish to encourage the inhalation habit that may lead to nicotine smoking. We hope that our bars can actually help in aiding the oral fixation that nicotine vapes has gripped the minds of many.


How long does it last?

Each diffuser is made to last approximately 1 month (30 days). We recommend purchasing variety pack to find your favorite flavor and save money on shipping.

Use ZZBar three to five times before bedtime and don’t operate heavy machinery after using.


Strawberry, Melon Ice, Blue Razz, Banana Ice, Variety


1, 3, Box (10)

  1. Ryan Harris (verified owner)

    Really worked, I used cloudy before and this one is better

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